Homemade Jam & Jelly by Butterfly's own hands
along with one of her favorite stories.

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* Jams & Jellies in 4 oz. (118ml) jar
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A Tennessee cottage industry 

Story / Ingredients
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Jam & Jelley
Apple Pie Jam



America's favorite pie translated into a jam with no baking required

Ingredients:  apples, sugar, pectin, lemon juice & zest, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger,
vanilla, butter
Aunt Effie’s Sweet Tomato Jam

Aunt Effie's Red Hands

A flavor-filled combination of favorite fruits with a delicate touch of special spices

Ingredients:  tomatoes, sugar, pectin, lemon juice, cinnamon, clove, allspice

On a Wing and a Prayer

Summer's favorite two berries blend in a stunning innovation of flavor

Ingredients:  blueberries, strawberries, sugar, pectin, lemon juice, butter
Carrot Cake  Jam

Wild Turkey Eggs


Offers the sweetness of a slice of carrot cake without the effort of baking

Ingredients:  carrots, pears, pineapple, sugar, pectin, cinnamon, cloves, ginger
Cherry Pie Jam

Can She Bake a Cherry Pie


Could Cherries get any better?  All the flavor of a cherry pie without baking

Ingredients:  cherries, sugar, pectin, lemon juice, cinnamon, vanilla, almond extract, butter
Crawfish Annie's Swamp Jelly

Crawfish Annie


Offers unique flavors as a quick marinade for grilled chicken or lamb

Ingredients:  basil leaves, mint, sugar, lemon juice, pectin
Gail's Sweet Spicy Jam

A Matter of Perspective


Flavor-filled combination of favorite fruits with a delicate touch of special spices

Ingredients:  tomatoes,blueberries, cherries, sugar, pectin, lemon juice, cinnamon, clove, allspice, hot pepper flakes
Gingerbread Jelly


A mouth-watering jelly with special aromatic spices

Ingredients:  apple juice, sugar, pectin, lemon juice, ginger, cinnamon, cloves

The First Strawberry

Hot Strawberry jam

Strawberry fields forever - essence of sunny summer days captured in a jar

Ingredients:  strawberries, jalapeno pepper, sugar, lemon juice, pectin, butter

It's All About Communication 

Ma Harden's Pepper Jelly

Delicate sweet peppers with a distinctive dash of tangy hot peppers

Ingredients:  sweet peppers, jalapeno peppers, sugar, pectin, lemon juice
Maryanne's Muscadine Jelly


Memory-invoking jelly made from old-fashioned grapes from Granddad's arbor freckled with bits of lemon

Ingredients:  muscadine grapes, sugar, pectin, lemon juice
Nelson's Cherry Peach Jam

Reaching Goals

Combination of sweetness of cherries and peaches with piquant peppers. 
Great for grilling!

Ingredients:  peaches, cherries, sugar, jalapeno peppers, pectin,  lemon juice
Peach Cobbler Jam

The Mockingbird's Song

A sweetly southern as blooming magnolias - deftly savory with spices

Ingredients:  peaches, sugar, pectin,lemon juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, butter
Peach Rosemary Jelly

On a Wing and a Prayer

Delicate peaches with a hint of rosemary - great for grilling!

Ingredients:  peaches, sugar, pectin, rosemary, lemon juice
Scrapbook Queen’s Hot Southern Jam

Sleeping on a King Mattress

Blends old-fashioned muscadine grapes and sun-ripened peaches with a touch of jalapeno.

Ingredients:  peaches,muscadine grapes, sugar, jalapeno peppers, pectin,  lemon juice
Scrapbook Queen’s Southern Jam

Sleeping on a King Mattress

Blend of juicy peaches and flavor-bursting cherries.

Ingredients:  peaches, cherries, sugar, ginger, pectin,  lemon juice, butter
Scuppernong Jelly

Precious Moment

Savory scuppernong grapes for cherished old-fashioned flavor enhanced with a touch of lemon

Ingredients:  Scuppernong grapes, sugar, lemon juice, pectin
Spearfinger's Boo Berry Jam


Fairy-tale fabulous!  So flavor-filled it is almost frightening!

Ingredients:  blueberries, sugar, pectin, lemon juice, butter
Sugar Plum Jelly

Randy and the Christmas Candy

Visions of sugar plums dance in the jar.  Ideal for holiday dining and gift giving!

Ingredients:  plums, sugar, pectin, lemon juice
Uncle Pep's Corn Cob Jelly

Uncle Pep and the Outhouse

Waste-not pioneer women used cobs of sun-golden corn for taste-tempting jelly.

Ingredients:  corn cob liquid, sugar, pectin, lemon juice
Witchy Basil Jelly

Witchy’s Long, Green, Boney Fingers

Ingredients:  basil leaves, sugar,  vinegar, lemon juice, pectin