Storyteller, Author, Entertainer and more

A Woman of Many Talents and Personalities  but one purpose - to educate and entertain
From backyard picnics to the White House in Washington, DC, Judy has enthralled audiences everywhere.  

A masterful performer with tales ranging from a heart wrenching story about the mother who watches her daughter hang to hilarious stories about Georgia redneck heaven. 

Her versatility and passion is unmatched and her audiences charmed.  Stories of strong women, spine-tingling scary tales and laughter are her trademarks.  She shares an endless and diverse stock of stories for all ages.

a member of the Jonesborough Storytelling Guild

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Judy Butterfly Farlow Storyteller

Videos created by Tom Hitchcock, Memory Sound & Sight Cue 

You never know what to expect!

Multi-talented,  using puppets, ventriloquism, music, magic and more to enhance her storytelling.

What a Character!  Historical charactorizations and personality portrayals!

Butterfly can transport you back in time and open your heart with her authentic portrayals. 

You might find yourself laughing one moment and wiping a tear away the next.

  Workshops available:
        - To be or not to be
        - Getting into character
        - Animation Station - telling stories to children
       - Creator of “Funmations” ways of teaching history,
          mythothology and other boring stuff   in a fun way. 

Rob Hedelt,  The Freelance-Star, Fredericksburg, VA
"She wasn't singing, but when the words started rolling from Judy Farlow's tongue, it was as lyrical as beautiful music."